Encouraging words are balm to my soul

and constructive criticism helps me to grow

so contact me with any of the above at:





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  1. Did you know, that God has always answered a woman’s prayers. Throughout the Bible Even at the wedding ceremony, when it was not good to run out of wine, The mother of Jesus, asked if he could fill the wine bottles, and he had answered her that it was not his time yet, but you know what, he did what she had asked of him. So when you pray for your children in their rooms in the middle of the night, he is listening. I had went over some of your past blogs and my middle name is Wayne. My mother had pulled my name from a magazine in the hospital room that had John Wayne on the cover. I guess soldier has been my calling from a early age. I miss her so much, she is always in my thoughts and the Devil is always at me, why are you still here? You had failed her, you could not help her, and you can’t help yourself, I am constantly praying for God to help me. Well the site looks good, and this was the first time I had seen it.

  2. Just had a chance to catch up on my reading. Loved every post; whether inspirational, sad, decorating how to’s or spiritual. I always told you what a wonderful writer you were but now I see it’s not just grammar and spelling but it comes from your heart and soul and your love of God and family

    • That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever written or said about me. I really needed to hear good words. I would love to write a book and have been told that I have something to say. I just don’t what it is I have to say that’s big enough to put in a book. Keep reading that is music to the soul of any aspiring writer and comments are the opus.

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