Get the Bounce!

It’s stylish.  It’s the haute couture (French for elegant sewing) of vintage accessories!  I love it!  I want to wear it out of season!  Wait, I want to decorate with it!    This, my friends, is a 1950’s Tortoise Shell Summer Purse by Stylecraft of Miami.  I  am so excited.  But, wait…


What is that smell wafting up to my nostrils as I admire my new treasure?   Ewwewwweeee,  is that cigarettes or moth balls or both?   It is –  the double whammy of vintage or antique anything.

Here is what you do:  Just place Bounce or any other strongly scented dryer sheet inside and close.  Leave it for a week.  This works for books, too.  Just place bounce between a few of the pages and it gets rid of the mildew smell.


See you in a week, purse!


2 thoughts on “Get the Bounce!

    1. Hi Ms. Everstar, I am so glad to see you visited the site. I found some great hats to go with the purse and put them in my antique booth. I couldn’t believe they have already sold in just a few days. For books, this works great. I love to read books written before the 1950’s. They are so much more intelligent and interesting. Visit again. I appreciate your comments.

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