Oops! – To Do List or To Not List?


When I opened theirishlady.com this morning, I saw “This Photo Has Been Deleted”.  Panic ensued.  Did I do something wrong?  Did someone hack into my account?  Did I offend someone?  My mind was searching.   Finally, I realized I had cleaned up my album on Photo Bucket and the funny thing is,  if you delete a photo there,  it no longer exists in cyber space to be placed here.

Another lesson I have learned is not to tell your father to just Google  The Irish Lady.    Apparently, this can be very risque and there are some naughty Irish women that aren’t cooking and designing.

Here’s another –  photography is important.   A photographer friend of mine asked if I would like some photography tips after viewing my site.  Well, yes, I would and I will be taking lessons.   The images you see should be crisp and inviting.  It makes you want to come back and visit.

Posting every day was going to be my rule.  That has already gone out the window.   We had unexpected doctor visits this week and I am not such a super woman that I can photograph, write, post and deal with our lack of fast and reliable internet service. We live out in the middle of  the cows.

Where is all of this blogging and this site leading me?  I am not sure; but, I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It has my mind creating and reaching out to others.  As long as it pleases God I would like to keep going.   Hope you will keep visiting and commenting.  Please send me your questions.  I love hearing from you.

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