Faux Crab Cakes

Most days I cook at least two meals, if not three, to satisfy my hungry household.  Sometimes I forget to thaw something out overnight and find these croquettes or as I have termed them faux crab cakes to fit the bill.  Since we moved here my cooking has become very simple because I simply can’t find the ingredients at the local stores.  Plus, it saves money and time.  Life is easier without worrying about extra ingredients.    To that end, this is what we had for lunch:

Faux Crab Cakes, Tossed Greens and Broccoli

Faux Crab Cakes


1        Pound Canned Chicken Breast, Tuna or Salmon

1        Tablespoon Hellman’s Mayonnaise

2        Eggs

1         Tablespoon Baking Powder

1         Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

1 1/2 Teaspoons Old Bay or Slap Yo Mama or Tony Cachere’s Seasoning

2         Tablespoons Olive Oil or Canola Oil


Mix all ingredients together.  Heat oil in frying pan.  Form small patties, place in skillet, cook 3 to 4 minutes per side.  Place on paper towel lined plate before serving. Enhance your recipe by adding diced green onions and bell pepper.  If I have them I use them.  Of course, if you can find it,  real crab can be used.  Usually, I mix chicken with salmon or tuna.

Simple Dipping Sauce:

4     Tablespoons Hellman’s Mayonnaise

2      Teaspoons Prepared Horseradish

Mix together and serve.  Keep refrigerated.  The dipping sauce can be varied with a teaspoon of lemon juice or replace mayonnaise with ketchup.

Nat Notes:  This is a low carb version which would be good for diabetes.  However, if you want the full fat,  crush ten Ritz Crackers and leave out the baking powder.  Make sure your oil is hot so they won’t stick and you may need to add more as you cook if the oil is absorbed.  Small patties will hold together well in the skillet.

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