In Loving Memory Of My Sister, Sandra Lee Wilson

When you were born in the south in the 50’s or 60’s, at least in our family,  you were given one long name which automatically included your middle name.   This was the case when Fern Marie gave birth to Sandra Lee.

From the beginning she was a November child full of gratitude and love.  She started her career at age eighteen and before twenty-five  was managing Superior Title in Clear Lake, Texas.  She always looked at every employee as someone with a life and family beyond the door of the office.  Each file or title that was examined was important to her because that meant a family or a life that counted on her for their future success.  She was in the title industry for forty years.  I don’t recall her ever having a resume.  The name Sandra Lee Wilson was enough.

Her personal life was filled with family and friends.  She owned her own ski boat and took it out to Clear Lake every weekend.  Years later, she admitted that she couldn’t really back that boat up but she knew someone would help her when she got there.

Then the babies came and from that moment on she gave up herself and it was about her children.  That brings me to you, Natalie Nicole,  an August baby, back to school and down to business.  Your mom worked until the day you were born and did she ever crave mexican food and guacamole.  You are the serious business side of your mom.  We are so proud of the teacher and motivator that you are.

Matthew David, the December, “let’s celebrate Jesus’ birthday”,  child which was your mom’s favorite time of year.  You, Matt, are the fun-loving, compassionate and joyful side of your mom.  We are so proud of the husband and father you have become.  Both of you are the sum total of your mother; full of goodness and light.

John Brandon and Crystal Suzanne, you completed Natalie and Matthew.  Sandra felt her job was complete when her children married you.

Allen,  I just realized I have never known your middle name so I am calling you what my sister named you – Allen Soldier.  We laugh because Sandra Lee could give us our orders and we carried them out.  It may be tear out the back yard and re-landscape in a day or just a week ago shopping for the  grand babies.  Like you said, she kept you going and gave you a purpose.  Well, now there are new marching orders.  You are a wonderful father, brother, uncle and most of all a grandfather which is most important to Sandra.  The last few years have been difficult; but,  you kept it all together and I thank you for loving my sister.

Payton Kaylee and Carter Allen, your grandma loved you beyond words.  We all know that the first grandchild has the privilege of naming the grandparents.  When Sandra was keeping Payton, there was a period of about two weeks that several bananas were peeled and not eaten.  Payton kept asking for a “nana” and not eating them.  Finally, Sandra realized that she was Nana.  Recently, I have been informed that Payton changed her mind and is saying grandma now.

With all her heart Sandra wanted to bless you, her grand babies, and so I have these verses for you from your grandma:

The Lord Bless thee and keep thee.  The Lord make His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.

The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)

Looking back, Sandra’s life story was her family especially her grandchildren.  There was plenty of love and laughter and friends along the way.  Her favorite song was “I Hope You Dance”.  If it came on the radio I had to listen and I believe now she would give us our marching orders and she would hope that we dance…

Love to you, Sandra Lee.  I know you know the Lord Jesus and must be dancing for joy right now.

One thought on “In Loving Memory Of My Sister, Sandra Lee Wilson

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! You two were so blessed when GOD made you sisters! I know you will carry on her legacy…praying GOD will take the hurt out of your heart…hang in there…love you…

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