I Give Up Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

It wasn’t difficult to figure out my ADD day (Read:  “Pot O’Beans and Attention Deficit Disorder” post)   was instigated by the three cups of coffee that I drank out of a huge mug making it six cups of coffee.  On that day, I mentioned banana bread in my meanderings and blatherings.  What I didn’t mention is how when I cook something with the intention of placing it on a lovely dish and spending a few blissful moments engaging in the art of releasing stress by taking pictures of food to blog about,  IT GETS EATEN BEFORE I CAN DO THAT!!!

Oh, I’m not asking for sympathy.  I love that I have a son who can eat a whole loaf while it’s hot and ooey gooey with no weight gain and no remorse.  His time will come so let him enjoy and remember his mom’s cooking.   I think I’m making banana bread, but really I am making memories.  Maybe he will come visit me when I am old.

So, I give up on taking fancy schmancy food pictures.    Knowing me, I will dream and try again some other day.  In the meantime, here is what “I Give Up Chocolate Chip Banana Bread” looks like in all it’s warm ooey gooey bliss with no frills, no lovely plate, no special lighting…just love and butter.  Recipe follows below.



3/4       Cup Sugar

1/2       Cup Real Butter Softened

2          Medium Mashed Ripe Bananas

1/2      Cup Sour Cream

2          Large Eggs

2          Cups Flour

1           Teaspoon Baking Soda

1/2      Teaspoon Salt

3/4      Cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips *

1/2      Cup Chopped Pecans *



Preheat oven t0 350 degrees.  Spray two loaf pans with cooking spray.   Combine sugar and margarine in a large bowl until fluffy.  Blend in bananas, sour cream and eggs.  Stir flour, baking soda and salt into mixture.    Gently fold in chocolate chips and pecans.  Bake for 35 minutes or touch in center to make sure it is firm.  Oven temperatures and loaf pan size will  cause cooking times to vary.  It can be up to 45 minutes for deeper loaf pans.

(Nat notes:  Coat the chocolate chips with a light dusting of flour so they don’t sink to bottom of pan before you fold in the mixture.  Leave the nuts out if you don’t like them.  I made a triple batch in the picture above by simply tripling all ingredients.  To mash bananas, use your potato masher!)


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