Country Living Fair and Bribery to Get There!

Shhh! Are we alone?  If we are completely alone,  I am going to share a secret with you.  You ask me all the time,  “How do you get your sons to work so hard?”  All the furniture hauling, the paint projects, landscaping, cleaning, mowing, gardening, tending chickens and trips to antique fairs and the list goes ….. gets done with the help of my sons because ….. are you ready for the secret ? … you’ll be amazed … it’s kinda simple … it really is…. listen close…  I FEED THEM!   It’s true, it’s really true; the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.  That’s how I got them to go with me to the Country Living Fair.  They were so stuffed they needed to walk it off and had no problem strolling the aisles with me.  Just don’t ask them if they like  pink anything or ‘is this chair better than that chair?’ or ‘what do you think I should get?’  “This”, they sternly warn, “will require me to turn in my man card.”  And, they guard that card diligently.

The best “worth the drive” barbeque in our neck of the woods is just south of Austin on Highway 290 in a little town called Elgin.  It’s called the Southside Market.  The wood is stacked outside.  The smoke touches the tendrils of your nostrils immediately after exiting your vehicle and you are summoned by one of the most down home comforting foods the State of Texas has to offer.  Simply put, brisket with the sauce on the side.  Lemons on the plate are for the tea not the barbeque.  I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to pose for the picture.

Enough about barbeque.  Here’s what I gleaned from the fair:

OLD QUILTS CAN BE RE-PURPOSED with quaint lettering, family photos and framing…

RED CHAIRS WITH AN ORIENTAL FLAIR can go anywhere and still matter in design just like leopard…  Pairs of anything old are my weakness because I figure if the two can make it that long they should always be together.  I think that about my husband after twenty plus years.

OLD TAPESTRY PLACED ON AN OLD STANDARD BUFFET make for interesting pieces and could be inspiration for any print fabrics…

CLEVER AND PAINTED UTENSILS apparently have more use than bending your elbow and getting your mouth to fly open…

RINGS ARE A BEAUTIFUL THING especially when you take your grandma’s big earrings and make two big rings… To purchase these rings go to Emma Lou Vintage at or coming soon to my booth at Hermann’s.


Just a small sampling of what was there.  All in all a really enjoyable day with my family.


4 thoughts on “Country Living Fair and Bribery to Get There!

    1. I will be posting when I get them in the booth. I have a lot of projects and ideas I am working on and yippeee things are selling so my booth looks different from the last photos. I appreciate your comments. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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