Tarantulas in May

April showers bring May flowers the saying goes and in our neck of the woods it’s tarantulas.  Just say it, “twoooo ranch you luzzz.”   Can’t help myself during this time, “twooo ranch you luzzz,  hahahahahahhaha. ”  Sorry for the wicked evil laugh.  Seriously, the Texas Brown is the breed we have and they like the sand here and the warmth of dirt roads.  Apparently, they like Hardie plank and the way I sprayed it with the water hose to get it off the patio furniture and blast it out of my world.  Didn’t work so I am taking a picture and blogging about it.

According to the facts I read this is definitely a male.  The zoologists call it a phenomenon because some time in late May or June the males wander around looking for females in a semi comatose phase.  Otherwise, they live in burrows barely going a few feet to catch their prey and returning to their homes.  The females can live up to twenty-five years and the males live about three months after they mature.

They can, will and do bite if provoked.  However, I have read they are not harmful to humans.  I’ve read that about the scorpions and it took me three days for the tingling sensation in my lips and tongue to go away.   The pain in my arm and hand felt like when you hit your elbow and it goes numb and you laugh and it goes away only it didn’t go away for three days.  To that end, I will be avoiding the tarantulas.  Take a look…there he is

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