Turn Right Here, Left

“Turn right here, left,” she chimed.  Those are the words Lucile Ball’s character used to give directions to Desi Arnaz, her real life  and movie husband in the movie, The Long, Long Trailer Perfectly understandable to me, and oh how I relate to that movie.  In fact, The Long, Long Trailer is one of my all time favorites and here’s why:

We lived here and then..

We sold here and moved into  a travel trailer for a few months , which turned into 13, so we could build this…

Like the Long, Long Trailer, I miss the trailer and all the mishaps that made funny and wonderful memories like…

No Driveway and Mud…

Loaded up for a new destination, kids, dogs and me at the wheel especially funny since I don’t do backing up…

That’s why “turn right here, left” makes perfect sense to me.   In my own life, I’ve made many turns based on those directions and the only ones who got it were my husband and my sons.  There was the time we went to Beaver Lake,  a mini  Lake Tahoe with mountains to be climbed to get there, and we plugged in  the address on the brochure into GPS and away we go.   We were a little concerned that the mountain was narrow with no railings and rocks sliding down beside us, but we could see water and after all we were going to a marina.  We get to the address all right!  It’s on the mailbox in front of us, high up the mountain, in a “Deliverance” kind of place with one way in and one way  out.  No marina,  just a dead-end, a mailbox and signs with words ominously stating, “All Trespassers Will Be Shot”;  “Survivors Will Be Shot Again”; “We Don’t Call 911 (picture of gun) We Are 911” .   Somehow,  and along with unloading; getting out; hand signals;  praying; and some yelling;  plus , my husband’s awesome backing up skills, we got out.  When we called the number on the brochure, the owner kindly informed us that we had been to his house, up on the mountain,  and why in the world would we go to his house if we were coming to the marina and that’s what I want to know:  “Why in the world would you put your home address on the brochure of the marina?”

The Long, Long Trailer is a movie that embodies all those zany things that we can get ourselves into, survive and laugh about later.   Make one of those “Turn Right Here, Left” memories because life is short and God is good!

P.S.  Or you could just watch the movie.

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