The Chicken Chronicles: Confessions and Homecoming

Confessions are always good for the soul and I have a few about chickens that have weighed heavily on my mind.    Please allow this post to serve as not only a confession time but also a happy homecoming for the chickens.

Fessin’ Up First

1.  I gave four chickens away.   There  I said it and I feel better.  I did it after the snake episode because…

2.  I bring the chickens in to the laundry room every night in a great big box…

3.  Chickens stink…

4.  My chickens don’t stink…

5.  Okay, they stink a little…

6.  I sometimes wonder if I gave the good chickens away because…

7.  The give away chickens sound really smart according to the new owners…

8.  My chickens aren’t so smart, but…

9.  A few of them can hug…

10.  Okay,  they kind of lean on me.


This was  temporary housing that we set up because I couldn’t make up my mind on what type of coop I wanted and I secretly felt safer with them in the laundry room at night anyway.   You can peek at the box they slept in and they really like their box or I should say boxes since several boxes became too malodorous to bring in the house and required a replacement.  Malodorous is fancy talk for stinky.

B&B moving the coop which stands for Brothers & Builders or Bradley and Brett, my sons.  They took over the design of the coop that I now call “The Coop De Ville”.  After moving chickens in every night and every morning, they were highly motivated to not have to help their mom move chickens in and out every day.

Coop De Ville, First Floor or Private Sleeping Quarters

Coop De Ville, Basement or Parlor

All this work makes happy chickens!  You know what happy chickens do?  They give eggs, little ones at first,  called junior eggs.   Then you get the big ones like the ones with pepper on them in the skillet.  Those peppery eggs belong to Himself, the man of the house.  The junior  eggs belong to Herself, the lady of the house.

Welcome Home Chickens!  You deserve it for all the beautiful eggs.

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