A Bird’s Eye View

If the rains come and the grass grows, we bale hay two or three times a year.  First we cut, then we rake…

Then we bale into round bales.   Truly, it’s our neighbor Mr. Surovik, who brings his tractor, his son, his equipment; and, his love for farming to cut, rake and bale.  He is such a decent and kind man.  He calls me sweetheart and we talk about gardening, canning, chickens, dogs, grass, taxes and politics.   He’s old school and that’s a wonderful thing.   He’s running the baler, dressed in green as “a tribute to the Irish,” he says…

These gentlemen witnessed it all atop their perch on the door, never moving an inch, enjoying the view,  and hiding from the hawks who circled the tractors as the varmints scattered in the field.  Just a glimpse, from a bird’s eye view, of what goes on around here in the hay department…

One thought on “A Bird’s Eye View

  1. Lunch was fabUloUs!!!!! I am still thinking about how yummy it was. Thank you for having me over. I’m ready to paint!!!!!


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