Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Recently, I blogged about Hermann Furniture and have done so many times in the past.  I don’t think I can convey just how big this store is and really there are many stores under the Hermann umbrella of Furniture, Accessories, Antiques, Crafts, Upholstery, Gifts, Floral, Design Services.  The section that our booth is located in is the Antique Mall where different vendors rent space.  Here’s what is new and for sale under my little part of the umbrella  in the booth:

My friend Tikaa suggested word art on the old windows that I seem to be attracted to and have amassed a large collection of  so I found something to say on the old glass panes of each of these windows.  Hey, Tikaa, this reminds me of you…


Be Your Own

Kind of Beautiful

The difficulty with making something is that you want to keep it for yourself, but I am willing to share…LOL

You can find both window panes at Hermann’s Antique Mall in The Irish Lady’s Booth.

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