Gus, Guster, Gussie – Still Deciding

Gus has a story just like the rest of us.  He and his mother were found scampering on the interstate, cars buzzing, people moving on and the big world swallowing him up.  A friend stopped after witnessing the heroics of his mother in her rear view mirror.  Lovingly carrying her son by the nape of his neck, momma dog would try to put him down to walk on his own and Gus would head for traffic.  She would pick him up and the whole thing would start all over again.  The story has a lot more to it, but I our story with Gus starts with a bath in the laundry sink, smaller than the kitchen and less deep than the bathroom, he’s really little…

Gus In The Tub

“I’m gonna love you, lady…even if you have to bathe me.”

“Will I get to stay here forever?”…

 Time for bed…

Good night Gus, Guster, Gussie.

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