Completely Random Thoughts Of The Day

Going public with my brain today and some of my

Completely Random Thoughts…

Chickens in the bread pan picking out dough…

Those are lyrics to the song about the devil and the fiddle player.  Chickens really do pick out the dough from a flopped apple pie. Who knew?

I love flowers, I love flowers…

Why oh why did I buy those flowers?  Now I have to plant them which means I have to prune and mulch and get the beds ready.  Where have all the flowers gone?  Long time passing…Those were some old hippy lyrics they sang to us at camp and it wasn’t a church camp.  Scratch that depressing little ditty from my brain and back to who will plant those flowers?  Who knows?

Mirror, Mirror, not on the wall, why did I buy you?  Are you gonna fall?

Sometimes it’s better to just leave it at the store and then there are those rare moments when you actually find something that just speaks to you.  Really, I have never found anything that spoke to me.  That’s just a flat out lie,  but occasionally something will grow on me.  I am waiting for this mirror to take root.  Who knows if it will or it won’t?

Man Lunches, I’ve made thousands…

Do women cook anymore?  I’ve been thinking that maybe when everyone has left the house I will just eat peanut butter and jelly and celery or just peanut butter on sliced apple.  I have suggested that to the men in my house and they tell me that it would require them to forfeit their man cards for anything less than a real man lunch.  Who knew PB&J was so feminine?

That’s it… or Be End…

“Be End” is how all the stories ended in our house when my men folk where young ones.  There was some confusion on whether it was “Be End” or “The End.”   There is a difference .  The End is when there is no more and Be End is when you have to go, but there could or should be more.  There is more…but,

That’s it ….for now.

Be End.

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