Remember The Alamo!



On March 6, 1836,  the battle ended.  Two hundred men lay dead at the hands of Santa Anna’s soldiers.  The exact number of  Mexican soldiers , fighting on the Mexican side,  range from fifteen hundred to five thousand.  In any case, the Texians were outnumbered, but they held their position through multiple attacks until the final day.  Thirteen days earlier,  the Texians decided the defense of  The Alamo would be crucial in defending Texas against Santa Anna.  Against all odds,  they stood against a despotic Mexican dictator.

I mention this day because our history is being rewritten and our posterity will no longer know the truth if  parents are counting on our politically correct  public education system to teach them.  Somehow  our children are being taught that we took Texas from the Mexicans without mention that a Texas governed by Mexico would look exactly like the Mexico that hundreds flee from every day.  According to CNN, sixty thousand people have died in Mexico in the last six years during the drug war.   Notwithstanding,  the same land known as Mexico was possessed by the Spaniards  who took it from the Aztec Indians.   If we follow the politically correct  process of giving the land back to the native owners, then let us consider the Aztecs, who were cannibals,  as the proper owners; thereby, we must find their descendants and make reparations at the very least.   History records the Aztecs as cannibals, polygamists, sodomites and drunken or drugged.

Many points can be taken from the ongoing politically correct culture and the under tone of  Texas really belonging to Mexico along with making reparations for all the perceived wrongs done by Americans.  For the sake of keeping the epitaph of “Remember The Alamo!” as the focus, let’s consider the line drawn in the sand by Colonel Travis and draw our own line to save Texas by actually remembering The Alamo and the cost of freedom.  Here is what I propose:

Get involved in the Texas legislative process.  Texas is a rare political animal in that the legislative body only meets every two years.   “No Man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”, attributed to Mark Twain and it is true very true.  The House of Representatives and the Senate meet for 140 days.  The last legislative session had 5,796 combined bills with 1,379 bills passing.  Scary stuff.    How do you keep up with that?

1.  Go to  and read about the legislative process,  view the bills being proposed on a daily basis, follow a bill of interest,  read about the representative or senator  proposing the bill, look up your representative and your senator which leads to:

2.  Call your representative and senator and speak your mind.  Find out where they stand on the basics, not in a confrontational way, but ask if they are proposing any bills, ask for a copy, ask what bills they plan on supporting.    Their response will let you know if you should vote for them in the next election.

3.  Don’t assume that something won’t affect you!   One thing I hear from homeschool parents or parents with grown children is a decision on public education won’t matter to them because their children aren’t in public school.   Uh, the current President attended public school and so did most of his cabinet.  Who do you think is being indoctrinated to be our future leaders and where do you think this is taking place?   Public education,  all the way from preschool to grad school, it is the breeding ground for the liberal theology of:  America has been bad,  The God of The Bible cannot be spoken of in public places and by all means use whatever means you can to intimidate your adversary even if it is not true.   This is the mantra of the community organizer who is bred in the public education system and conservatives  have no such persons called community organizers.

4.  Organize yourself with others to manage the task at hand or get involved with a political activist committee (known as a PAC).  Our churches should be leading the way, but are afraid of losing their 501(c)(3) status.    The Revolutionary War was organized from the pulpit.  Back then, pastors did not feel the need to keep their tax exempt status.  Ultimately, they risked their own heads because the charge of treason would lead to death by firing squad.  Don’t tell me that Jesus was not political!  He stood before the Jewish leaders and called them a brood of vipers.  He kicked the money changers out of the temple.   Above all,  He is the King of Kings.  He was and is political.   Follow His example by standing for what is right — and right in front of you.

5.  Pray and ask God to show you what He would have you to do.  This should be first.  I have it in the wrong order, but I trust that you would know that anyway.   I cannot pray for the government in a mamby pampy way by asking God to bless them.    I pray that God exposes them for what they truly are and bring the evil of their hearts out in the open.  Anyone who tells me to stop talking about the evil and corruption of our current government I invite them to really read The Bible.   Begin reading The Book of Psalms and then the New Testament Books from Matthew to Revelation.   At the very least,  you will know what you are against or you can express your opinion from an informed position.  It amazes me the number of people who debate The Bible and have never read it or take one scripture out of context because they don’t read the entire passage.

This is tough stuff.  I realize that all of this may seem overwhelming; but,  what then do we say to the defenders of The Alamo?  ” I can’t stand for Texas because I am so busy.”    They gave their lives for freedom just like those who fought in all wars before us.  They laid the foundation of freedom with their own blood.  The cornerstone of all foundations is Jesus Christ.  On that rock I stand as I remember the odds we have overcome as Texans and as Americans.  So today, I shall “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!”

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