Interesting Art and Bookcase Arrangements

There  is another living area in my home that contains built-ins or bookcases which I prefer to call them.  It’s in the room to the right of the foyer when entering and to the left of the study which does not have built-in bookcases, but furniture bookcases.  What was I thinking or not thinking when we designed the house?  I missed a lot on paper,  especially the big chase way next to the computer closet in the study that could have been a floor to ceiling  built-in bookcase.  Oh well, maybe the next owner will find it and tear out the sheet rock and put in a bookcase for the study.    Ahh, I have a rambling mind, I do, I know it.

 Back to interesting artwork.  I found this piece at a thrift shop for $5.  The ladies there raise money for a local hospital.  They seemed embarrassed that the painting  had some type of rust stain sprayed all over it, but art is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I never saw the stains.  I can only see the content and the countenance of the people in the photo.  Each face has something to say, but not to each other.  Do you see what I see?  They are traveling to a new land and they stop; they gather; they…

This painting is part of the built-in of the room I described above as well as few other collectible pieces with meaning.  Old oil lamps, a chalk buffalo and old man shaving mug given at carnivals way back when, paper money from the San Jacinto Monument museum bought on a field trip, a silver tray, photos of my sons,  a book about Abraham Lincoln signed and owned by a doctor that knew him with a newspaper clipping of his wife’s eightieth birthday and garden party, encyclopedias like the ones my husband had as a child, airplane books that my son treasures, cigar boxes with childish tokens inside, The Nina – Pinta – Santa Maria from a field trip to see the replicas, and a few hidden things behind books and boxes to discover later.  It’s all very personal and hopefully pleasing to the eye of others when arranged well.

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