The Porcelain and Claw Foot Tub Man

Once upon a time there was a client who had dreams of an antique tub.  Yes, you read that correctly a “tub”, but not just any ordinary tub.   It was a pedestal or claw foot tub.   

The dream was planted in my ear and the search began.    Eventually, this journey came full circle back to my very own hometown where I found “The Tub Man.”
The Tub Man

He finds old tubs that have seen better days, puts them back together again,  repairs the porcelain and bakes on the enamel in a very hot chamber.  It all happens on his farm where he works long hours creating works of beauty in custom colors or in just plain white.

After some sand blasting, painting, baking and magic touches, The Tub Man turns out a splendid product ready for a soaking hot bath.

Finished Tub

The rare pedestal tubs are a specialty and he grabs them whenever he finds one.   As quickly as one is found discerning buyer’s scoop them up.

Pedestal Tub

There were telephone faucets to be found and exposed drains to learn about.   At the end of the day, my client found her dream.   The tub was  installed and everyone lived happily ever after.

For more information on claw foot tubs or pedestal tubs that have been saved and restored to their former glory contact me at:

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