The Chicken Chronicles: The Tub

On a rainy morning before the sun cam up, not too long after we brought the girls home, I was thinking of what I would do with eight chickens inside the house in a box.  Plain and simple, I was feeling sorry for them especially when I peeked in the box and saw this…

In my early morning, pre-coffee haze, I thought of the bath tub …


Believing the best, I want to think of her as a chick sitter; but, because she has had a chick’s head in her mouth I am still unclear on Catie’s true motives…

Stay tuned for more of The Chicken Chronicles.

Introducing…The Girls!

Please allow me to introduce the girls…all eight of them! (They go in and out of the garage through the side door located inside the house.  I’m serious, there is a doorway into the garage from the house.  They use the windows, too, for escaping.  This was my play house when I was a little girl.  My sister’s kids and mine played with it.)

“Really, are you joking?” That’s what Catie thinks.  She has been the “only girl” and not taking this too well.

We bought pairs and they tend to stay with their sister.  I have no idea what I am doing.  My plan is to love them, feed them and take their eggs.  My vision for them is that they will be exceptional chickens knowing their names, potty trained at an early age and cleaning up after themselves in no time at all.

Moving closer, Catie seems really disgusted, “I’m not gonna put up with this.”  You may see something else but I know her and she is possessive, territorial and does not share.  In fact, having taught preschool, I know that she would not receive the ‘plays well with others’ star on her chart.  I knew it, a few minutes later some of the girls escaped from their yard and Catie had one in her mouth.  You should have heard all the chirp, Chirp, CHIRP, CHIRP!!  They told on her, “you’re gonna get it now, sister.”  (No photos of this because I had to throw the camera down and get the baby.  Although, Catie was holding it ever so gently, by the wing,  with a perplexed ‘what now?’ look on her face.)

“This is not working out for me.  How about you?”


It’s the end of the day so out of the play yard and into the box with the heater.    As you probably noticed, they’ll work on cleaning up after themselves tomorrow. Good night girls.