The Chicken Chronicles: SNAKE !! SNAKE !! SNAKE!!

Early morning will find us in the study, half asleep and beginning the day.   There was an unusual sound something like a long plea, maybe a chicken or a rare bird.  We ran through the house to the back porch where we keep the chickens at night, covered in a make shift quasi rabbit hutch turned chicken coop.  There were birds shrieking and flying in and out of the covered part of the porch.  I jerked the multi colored quilt off the coop.  The girls were huddled around my beautiful white Kitty Wells and she was wrapped with an ugly black rope choking and choking her.  I screamed and thought, “Lord, please don’t make me watch this chicken die… I have to get that snake now.”  The snake released and started moving out of the coop and into the balled up quilt.  I pulled the hutch away from the wall and jerked the  quilt off.  Thank you, God, for my youngest son who had already ran for the shot gun; but, you can’t shoot that close to the house where there are bricks and concrete and glass.  He had presence of mind to get his Daisy BB Gun and start shooting as the snake huddled under the barbeque pit in the corner.   My son’s plan was to get it stunned enough to move it out on to the grass with the shovel.  The plan worked.  He pumped that minion of Satan with as many BBs as he could and then moved him to the grass and blew it’s head off with the shot gun!

Finally, I had relented and stopped bringing the chickens in the mud room at night just this week.  They surely would be safe right under the porch by the back door.  I couldn’t bare the thought of Kitty Wells or any of her sisters being killed by something so evil.  How was that snake ever going to digest a chicken that size?  What was the plan?  Choke and then move on?  I have no idea, just gratitude for my son, for mercy, for silly chickens.   Those chickens are coming in the house at night.  We are building something with even smaller wire and I am going to pray and pray.  Get behind me, Satan!

My pretty girl knows something is up.  She’s the white one.  Good chickens!  Good birds that have been driving me crazy flying under the porches.  You told and we were able to save her!