The Last of It, But…Round Top Year Round???

Sandra at, my sweet blog follower ,  I did not find out about the Great Dane at Round Top.  I never made it back there for a thousand reasons, but mainly I had company at Round Top on my next trips and they were males so no meandering and oodling and ahhhwing  just all out searching for guns and swords and man stuff.  On the other hand I did get to sneak a peak at some things and snatch up a few very quickly so here goes…

1944 Dimes made into Bracelets.  I picked up a few extra for purchase.   1944 Dime Bracelet $80 plus shipping.  Extra dimes can be added for larger sizes.  All set in sterling silver.

1936-37 Buffalo and Indian Head Nickel Bracelets $75 plus shipping.

Hand Made Cypress Chairs have been around a long time.  I still like them and since I have never owned one I would like to fill my porch with them.  No maintenance and very comfy.  These come from a retired gentlemen who lamented, “I have all the time in the world to make special orders.”  The chairs sell for $125 each.  He makes a lovely settee which sells for $375.  I will be taking special orders and making the trip of anyone is interested in placing an order with me.

Strawberry Cake Cover and Stand

I don’t know why, but I wanted this thing!  It was funny and delightful and oh so kitschy so I bought and used it for company over the weekend.  It’s handmade ceramics at its most whimsical.    On bottom is the name Steve.  Hmmmm, I wonder who Steve was and did he continue in a career in ceramics?   Now I am ready to pass it on to someone new and will be placing it in my booth in the near future at $44 or will ship at cost.

Louis Vuitton Tables

These were the last ones left on the last day.  The one on the left was listed at $1900 and the one on the right was $900.  I am not a collector of Louis, but I suppose I could make an exception.  Just not this time, but Tikaa if you are reading this …I was thinking of you.

Round Top Year Round

If you think of it, Brenham IS Round Top Year Round!  There are antique shops and boutiques lining both sides of the courthouse square in Downtown Brenham.  Truthfully, a lot of the pickers for Round Top scour the shops in Brenham the weeks before Round Top to increase their inventory for the big show.  With just an hour drive from Houston or Austin, we can have Round Top all year.    Here’s the latest in my antique booth at Hermann’s Antique Mall located on Alamo Street in Downtown Brenham.

Hermann’s: What’s New?

Have you ever been to a place, not a house, but a store and just feel at home?  That’s how I feel about Hermann’s in Downtown Brenham.  It’s the anchor of our historic little town and sits diagonal from the courthouse.  I’m proud of the place, how it has stood the test of time through the generations, in one family.  I love the people there, too, because they love what they do and it shows.  Every inch is filled with beautiful ideas that they are so willing to share and it changes daily.  Quite literally,  I have seen something I want, come back the next day and there is a whole new way presented to me to place the piece in my home.  With a full in house design center that includes the largest selection of fabric swatches that I have seen since the Houston Design Center, they guide you through your mind’s eye to make your home what you want it to be.    Come See!  Be Inspired! Decorate Your Life!


Notice the concrete finials:  I can see these on a veranda, a buffet, the floor in your foyer, the bath by the tub, fireplace, kitchen island…

So much to see!  This French inspired dining is appealing with soothing salmon colors.  They think of everything!

Speaking of thinking of everything, take a peek at these unique table accompaniments.  The place mats, napkins, serving pieces are fun and chic all at once.

Brightly colored, whimsical is what I think when I see this bedding ensemble and pillows.   There’s a lot more in that photo than the bed…see how many unique and different things you can take in at a glance.   (Oops, I left my purse and fabric on the bench…don’t notice that.)


Hermann’s Design Class with Scott Hill Photography

Hermann Furniture in Downtown Brenham together with Scott Hill Photography is hosting a design seminar.  Scott is a locally renowned photographer whose charm, wit and talent will make this fun and highly informative for the novice or the semi-professional.  Not only will you come away with a better understanding of placing your photos and why, but you will be wowed by what’s new at Hermann’s.  I will be following up with some pics of vignettes from the store for you to see.  Don’t miss this one!  And, while you are downtown don’t forget lunch at Funky Art Cafe…so good!