Kickoff Round Top Antiques With Leftovers Antiques

Imagine rolling hills and green pastures with a few barns interspersed throughout the fields.   Next, think of those fields being filled with people, antiques, tents, trailers and oddities  from all over the country.   That is Round Top in an extremely brief nutshell of a description.   To kick things off a local antique shop right outside of Brenham off of Highway 290 on the way to  or from Round Top is having a special sale and promising it to be…


20% off Store Wide
6:00 – 9:00
September 28, 2013

Leftovers Antiques

3900 Hwy 290 West

Brenham, Texas  77833




Be Ye Thankful and Draw.Write.Now

These bark pencils are from Leftovers Antiques here in Brenham.  I picked them up during Round Top with something in mind, but not sure what,  so I put some brown paper on the table and started being thankful.   I know when we sit down at our next meal my guys will be tempted by the cool pencils.  I never prompt them with words because they’ll think its corny.  I just start drawing or writing.  I am looking forward to reading what they write.


Another possibility for the bark pencils will be for place markers at Thanksgiving.  I’m still pondering that one since I am not sure who will be coming this year.  I have these great books that teach drawing that we have had for years.  Even adults enjoy this simple instruction book.  I’ve used brown paper many time for gatherings and the pencils and crayons strike up the creativity in everyone.  You would be amazed at what happens when you give an adult a crayon and paper in a relaxed setting especially when they have no where else to go! LOL