Christmas At Hermann Furniture … and Paula Deen

Christmas and Paula Deen are in full swing at Hermann Furniture in Brenham, Texas, and I would advise you to get there quickly.  You might miss out on the latest treasures.  Here’s a preview before you arrive…

Surprise, Paula Deen has put her signature style on furniture…love a good settee, so Southern and versatile.


Christopher Radko Ornaments are  Timeless Heirlooms to pass from generation to generation.  Do you collect from year to year with plans to pass them on to the next generation?

Nutcrackers are Precious Heirlooms to pass from generation to generation.

Visiting Hermann’s in downtown Brenham, Texas, is a tradition to many families from all over Texas.   The store has been there for 135 years, in the same family, in the same place.  I would call that a serious tradition.  The Hermann’s welcome you to become part of their family tradition and I highly recommend starting a tradition of visiting with your family during the holidays.   You will become a part of and enjoy a small town Christmas.

Hermann Furniture

213 West Alamo


Brenham, Texas

Telephone (979)836-7231