Round Top Curiosities

It’s Round Top time here and since I only live a few minutes away I’ve been twice so far and have a few more trips planned.  I admit I get easily distracted all the time and most of the day so I thought I would share my Round Top distractions with you.

Distraction No. 1:  “The Beetle”

Yep, this was at Round Top.  According to the owner, it was in a barn.   The barn had rats, the farmer got his shotgun and went to town,  in the barn that is,  and some of the buckshot hit the beetle.  Never did find out if the rats got it or not.  Hmmmm, curious.   Also curious is:  why is curious spelled with a “u” and the word curiosity which is derived from the word curious is not spelled with a “u”?

Distraction No. 2:  “The Great Dane”

When my oldest son was little, I worked in sales and traveled extensively so he stayed with my mother who had a Great Dane named Champ.   The dog was amazing with a toddler who poked, prodded and tried to ride on his back at every waking moment.  Champ would just stand there and move his mouth as if the two were really communicating.  My son would be inches from his face with his finger in Champ’s nose or eyes.  They would saunter around the yard together discovering nature, talking and making merry.   To this day, my six-foot two,  about to turn twenty-one year old son gets tears in his eyes when he talks about his buddy,  Champ.    Hmmm, curious.   Why does this make me want to cry?

Distraction No. 3:  “Cage for Great Dane”

There is a message here and I am not sure what the cross means to the owner.  I didn’t get to speak with him or her, but I think I have to go back and talk to this person and find out.   Hmmmm, big Hmmmm, curious.   Who travels with a dog, let alone a Great Dane, notwithstanding a Great Dane with puppies?  Who wants to build a cage of that magnitude and then place a cross at the front?  I have to know this person.  I am definitely going back.

Round Top is still going for another week.  Don’t miss it