Round Top Again, Again, Again: Last Call for Settees and Buckets

Last Call for the Round Top Antiques Show.   Wicker settees are appealing to me for some unknown reason.  I had to take a picture.  The only thing I didn’t like was The Walton’s floral fabric pattern, but this would be an easy upholstery job…for someone, not me –that is my disclaimer to Himself who says not another piece of furniture needing upholstery shall enter the garage.

Buckets and benches of all painted sorts.  I came home with two of the benches, one high and one lower.  I hesitate to call them foot stools because they are not for standing; instead, I use them to elevate food on a buffet table.    In this case, I will be using them in my fall decor for pumpkins.

Roundtop Again: Tikaa and Silver

With a fellow blogger Round Top is just so much more interesting and exciting when you get to see everything through another pair of  eyes.  Over at Green Acres Brenham ( you will find the most up to date fashion, decorating and lifestyle advice around from Tikaa (even her name is stylish).   She has an amazing fashion sense of what works and doesn’t, keeps up with the latest styles,  but never looks trendy.  She has a classic style all her own.   When we’re shopping, people stop and compliment her or you can over hear other ladies commenting to one another about how cute she looks.  If she wasn’t so darn friendly and happy to share whatever she knows I might be jealous.  To that end, I must tell you about Tikaa and silver:  they just go together!  Here she is contemplating the latest finds…

Silver was everywhere, condiment servers, coffee urns, trays, teapots, serving bowls, caraffes, creamers, gravy boats…

Silver trays …

Thanks Green Acres for taking The Irish Lady to see all the pretty silver.

Roundtop: Now I Know Everything Will Be Okay!

I’ve been wondering if everything will be okay and now I know for sure.  I saw it at Round Top today.

It’s not too late for you to visit the Round Top Antiques Show.  From Houston pack up the car and travel out Highway 290 West and Exit Highway 237.  It’s just that simple, don’t make it complicated, go and enjoy.  If you need more information try  Don’t over think it — just go!