Porch Swing

Through the years there have been many porch swings in my life.   The one that stands out the most belonged to my Aunt Bell.  It was on her front porch in The Heights of  Houston.   Many generations sat on that swing.    There were cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents some of whom are still here while most have passed.   Funny how I can remember distinct conversations because of that porch swing.   Little details and fragments float up to the surface of my memory along with the rhythm of the back and forth of the swing.

Lately,  porch swings have been requested by some of my interior design clients.   I searched high and low to find one ready to buy to no avail so my sons built and stained this one.   I am so proud of them and all their handy work.  I hope my client and her family enjoy this one and create many happy memories on their very own porch swing.

The Irish Lady and Sons Porch Swing


B and B

B & B, I dedicate this post to all the incredible and wonderful things you’ve built.  My only regret is that we had to move and leave the shed and the porch swing, but I look forward to all the new things you are capable of building.  Your wives will be amazed and very grateful that you learned how to do these things before you got married.

The Shed

Inside… all of your tools so meticulously placed.  (I wish you would do that in the garage.. in our new house…soon.)

The Porch Swing

This kind of stings.   I wanted to take it with us.  The new owner wanted it to stay.  You promised to build a new one…

B & B,  Your Mom loves you so very much.  I am so proud of you two.