The Citadel, Fifty Miles To Harvest

The “Roaring Twenties” was the decade after World War I that was prosperous and decadent.   The automobile, telephone, motion picture and electricity was spurning growth and a new outlook on life.    A new era was dawning for Jazz music, sleek modern designs were emerging in art and  fashion, and people had more money to spend on leisure.   The two towns of Chappell Hill and Brenham wanted to keep up with the large metropolitan cities of the era.     It was decided that a country club would best serve all of the cultural and social needs of the community.    An architect was procured and a timeless structure was conceived and birthed on the hills of Chappell Hill in the heart of the county.

In 1929, the stock market crash sent the whole country reeling into a depression so deep and wide that it changed a generation forever.    The country club members were unable to meet the annual payment and the country club went into private ownership.   In the decade of the eighties,   a new family took ownership and wanted to share the property as a venue for special events.   The same family,  with the next generation,  is in the process of updating the grounds and bringing back the ambience, decadence and splendor of  the era that inspired the story of The Great Gatsby.  The only difference is we are in Texas.  Texans have a certain style in bringing together culture and sophistication in a laid back atmosphere on top of a hill with a breeze blowing, a cocktail in hand, music in the background, and gourmet food served on the grounds.

The Citadel, as the first country club of  Washington County,  still stands today and extends an invitation for their inaugural event of the season.   Please join the celebration for a unique culinary experience as Chef Jesse Griffiths prepares a gourmet five course dinner on the grounds.    The home grown foods will be provided by local farmers,  within a guaranteed fifty mile radius, making Fifty Miles to Harvest  stand out as a true culinary experience.    Live music, local wine,  folk artists will provide for a cultured and memorable evening.    For information go to

You will be able to see the progress  and join in the first event of a new generation.   I am excited to be a part of the design team from Hermann’s of Brenham to help.    Come watch as The Citadel experiences another revival.