The Bird Brothers

On the front porch in a quaint and meticulous mud nest sit the three brothers with their chests puffed up and ready to take on the world.

They just appear to be a band of brothers as they gaze sullenly and confidently down upon me as I take their picture.

If they were sisters they would be chatting and tidying the nest and perhaps not so messy…

For some reason, their parents chose the column on the front porch, maybe it was because we discouraged their nest building endeavors on the back porch at least three times.  After they informed me of a snake, trying to squeeze the life out of one of the chickens,  by screeching and dive bombing under the porch on that awful morning to let me know there was danger, well, I relented and welcomed them to the fold or the porch rather.

Himself says it’s a mistake,  ” They have friends, lots of them, and these brothers will come back to their original home with their lady friends to make new nests.”   Secretly, I hope so but without the mess.

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