The Last Homeschool Conference? …And Intentional Prayer


Unless I am called to do otherwise, this is probably my last year for the Texas Home School Coalition’s Convention and Family Conference.  In the beginning, I was completely overwhelmed with the daunting task of home educating my sons.  But God!, led me to the Lamberts who are the leaders and wonderful godly caretakers of Texas home schoolers.  They were on the front lines, doing battle in the court systems, way back in the 80’s when I was still in school.  It’s because of their perseverance, hard work and dedication that Texas is a home school friendly state.    As the battle to home school our children rages on, they have graciously served Texas home school families for years and I have felt safe and protected under the THSC wing.

This is a time where I load all my plans and ideas for the upcoming year in a tote with my Bible and a notebook to carefully seek God for what He has for my sons.  I am learning to spend more time in prayer and less time searching for the right curriculum or the latest and greatest math program that can overcome my own math deficiencies.   I am learning to specifically and intentionally pray for their needs.

When I get home, I would like to host a back to school prayer time for specific and intentional moms and grandmothers.  If you are interested in joining me at my home for prayer for our children and a lovely tea, please email or leave a reply below. 

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