Happy Birthday to The Ugliest Baby!


From the time I could understand words, my mother would say, “You were the ugliest baby.  It took me ten days to name you!”  She never vacated that endearment and stood by it even on her death bed.   So here I am…”The Ugliest Baby” at two years old and my birthday is tomorrow.  Yes, I have red hair and I am left handed and that is one dimple on my face and several around my wrists and fat little fingers.   I thought I would share this quaint little dumpling photo of me today because according to the Mayans we won’t be here tomorrow which means I won’t be getting any older.  LOL

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Ugliest Baby!

  1. You are funny. Now I know your birthday! I hope the day will be filled with great family and friends and wonderful memories. I had a freckled face, wore huge glasses,had braces as a teen and was really tall, those were hard birthdays. Your birthday gift was beautiful!!!! I’m jealous. Lets get together after the holiday and celebrate. It’s been hectic around her (new baby niece coming home today). Lots of excitement in the air.

    Have a great birthday tomorrow my friend,

  2. We survived the Mayan calendar…ha ha! My mother and I think you were an adorable baby. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We should definitely get together in the new year.

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