Merrry and Bright 1-2-3

1.  Take A Drive and Fill the Bed of the Truck with Pretty Greenery

2.  Designate the Area and Begin


3.  Merry and Bright


P.S.  It shouldn’t take you three hours, but at my house I have interruptions and I love those interruptions named Catie who ate rotten tomatoes from the garden and found some strawberries and at those too.  Bradley, the instigator,  who kept throwing the frisbee and breaking my concentration on assigning their various tasks outside…(Hmmm..wonder if that was on purpose).  Brett, the worrier, who wanted me to check on Catie every five minutes.  Then the phone rings and the dryer is done and everybody is hungry and you know the story…But, I wouldn’t have it any other way even if it does take me three hours to stuff greenery on the fireplace and blow the porch off.

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