What Happens On The Porch Stays On The Porch


Just the word “porch”  has a warm inviting tone and was derived from the latin word portico.  The Romans designed an extension of the main structure of their buildings to create covered areas leading into  courtyards.  There the elite and upper class of their time would gather to dine or hold private political discussions.   When traveling abroad you won’t hear the word porch, but words like loggia, veranda or the same latin portico.  But here in The South, porch means so much more.   To find out more please join Jennifer Hermann and me for food, fun and design tips just about the ever gracious southern porch.


Hermann Furniture Presents:


“What Happens On The Porch

Stays On The Porch”

April 23rd, 2014

12 to 1

Box Lunch Provided By:

Funky Art Cafe

Cost of $10

Reservations Required

For Information Call:  (979)-836-7231



2 thoughts on “What Happens On The Porch Stays On The Porch

  1. Oh goodness I wish I could have come to this! Praying sooo hard you were cool as a cucumber and enjoyed it! You are the BEST speaker and it comes so easy for you, so it appears! LOL

    I am sooooo deep into Prom stuff I cannot even tell you! It will ALL be over on Tuesday, May 6 (Tim and I are chaperoning the Prom trip too)…I am trying to enjoy it all and not stress, but I don’t like being in charge of 31 kids and 62 parents complaining about everything! You know how it goes! UGH!

    Praying soooo hard your event went absolutely perfect!!!!!!!

    XOX LaSchel

    1. I am glad you are busy. Do you remember when we first met? We were volunteering at school and got the snow cone stand. It was sticky, messy and all these years later worth it to have you as a friend. Thanks for your support.

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